Region Cadet Leadership School Information and Registration

2016 Great Lakes Region Cadet Leadership School

Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuvering Training Center

Edinburg, IN

RCLS will be held 1 week earlier than INWG Encampment this year.  The dates are 26 June – 2 July 2016.


RCLS Registration is now Open!


The Great Lakes Region Cadet Leadership School is designed to explore the leadership program as it relates to refining the skills of CAP Cadet Officers.  This school will be unlike any other that you may have participated in previously. The standards are high for this cadet professional development opportunity, as this school is a requirement for the grade of C/Lt Col.

Cadets will be given many assignments to complete throughout the week that will be graded and points assessed.  There will be a combination of group and individual assignments that will be required to be turned in.  Being that this school is a comparable equivalent to CAP’s Cadet Officer School held at Maxwell AFB, AL, it will be treated as such.  Cadets will be treated just as a cadet that would be attending that course.  With responsibility comes privilege.

A team oriented, self motivated attitude is required for all cadet candidates to be successful at this school.  There is no guarantee of graduation from this course.  This should not be a problem if the cadet candidate exhibits their highest levels of professionalism, and highest level of work possible at all times.  This course will be stressful, just as being a leader is stressful.  At all times the staff will be available to talk to, and conference with.  Many cadets have found frequent conference with the staff very helpful in completing assignments and dealing with stress.  

Cadet candidates have found this course to be the most challenging thing they have experienced in their cadet careers.  From past experiences, the cadets that have participated in this course do a lot of personal reflection, and find out a lot about themselves they didn’t know or what they never realized was possible, is in fact possible.  

If you are interested in accepting the challenge and rewards that this course offers, please apply with the following criteria:

1.       Hold the grade of C/MSgt by the start of the RCLS.

2.       Complete a letter of interest introducing yourself and outlining your goals in CAP.

3.       Complete the application process outlined for attending the encampment with all additional required forms.

4.       Be mentally prepared for a mental heavy activity.

5.       Accept that all cadet candidates are equal in standing regardless of grade earned.

6.       Have a positive attitude ready to learn.

7.       Know that there is no guarantee of graduation without obtaining an 80% of all possible point opportunities.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Lt Col Darrel Williamson at 

Packing List



Region Cadet Leadership School will take place 26 June – 3 July 2016.

  • We look forward to meeting Region Cadet Leadership School students during in-processing at Camp Atterbury.
  • Please click on the “Driving Directions” button on the left for more complete instructions to get to Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center, Edinburgh, Indiana.
  • Pay particular attention to your packing list and bring everything on the list. All items are required unless marked as “optional” or “if needed”.
  • Indiana Wing has a No Tolerance Policy for any illegal contraband. Illegal contraband items will be confiscated and legal authorities will be notified.  These items will not be returned.

Registration Process

Cadets applying for RCLS should scan and email all completed forms to Lt Col Darrel Williamson (  The required forms are CAPF 31, CAPF 160, CAPF 161 (including a scanned copy of your medical insurance card), CAPF 163, and the Camp Atterbury Release Form.  Please include the cadet’s last name and CAPID in the subject line of the email to assist the administrative staff.

Upon acceptance of application you will be given a link to make arrangements for payment. If you plan on using unit funds through a wing banker account, please note that information in your email with your forms.  All applications are due to Lt Col Williamson ( by 20 June 2016.


The Cost for Region Cadet Leadership School this year is:

RCLS Students:                                 $130

Senior Member Staff:                     $65

All completed forms require an original signatureYou will also need to include a copy of your medical insurance card with this packetThis is required by the local medical facility.