Civil Air Patrol - Indiana Wing

Indiana Wing Headquarters Office Information

Wing Administrator: Philip Muller
Office Location: 38th Infantry Division at Stout Field, Rm 225
Office Hours: M-W, 10:00 am - 6:30 pm

  • Email Contact:
  • Phone: 317-247-3300 x75328
  • Mailing Address:
 Indiana Wing Civil Air Patrol
 PO Box 421102
 Indianapolis, IN  46242-1102

Civil Air Patrol Complaints Program

The Civil Air Patrol Complaints Program is intended to create an environment where complaints, grievances and misunderstandings can be resolved. The Complaint System is a last resort management tool. Every effort should be made to satisfy complaints and grievances at the supervisory or command level where they occur.

If you have a complaint or concern, and you are unable to resolve this through your supervisor or chain of command, please contact the Indiana Wing Inspector General for assistance. Additionally, members may complete a CAPF 30 to register their complaint.

Member Access To get an account for accessing the member section please email INWG/IT Please include:

  • CAP ID Number
  • ID name, which can be a name or a function - INWG/IT is for Indiana Wing/Information Technology Officer

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